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Making Healthcare Radically Accessible for All

Founding Purpose

Abi is an Irish company, founded in 2016 by two experienced health technology entrepreneurs, Kim-Fredrik Schneider and Dr. Victor Vicens. Our founding vision is to make healthcare radically accessible for all.

We relentlessy pursue three goals
to achieve that vision

Lower the barriers to healthcare

Lower the barriers to healthcare

Our services are designed to be instantly available at the moment of need by integrating with the apps and websites people already use.

Innovate to create betters tools

Innovate to create betters tools

We use cutting edge Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to markedly improve the speed, effectiveness and quality of virtual care.

Empower our healthcare professionals

Empower our healthcare professionals

Our core resource is the human intelligence of our healthcare professionals who share our mission of healthcare empowerment

Committed to health access and equity

We put health equity at the heart of everything we do, expanding access to healthcare regardless of demographics. We are actively contributing to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. We are also a proud signatory of the World Economic Forum's Zero Health Gaps Pledge.
2_SDG 3
3_World Economic Forum

Our Leadership

We want your business and your customers to benefit from the combined expertise of leading professionals from the world of healthcare, technology, artificial intelligence and customer engagement.

Leadership, Kim-Fredrik Schneider, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kim-Fredrik Schneider

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


As CEO, Kim has led Abi Global Health on a significant growth trajectory since our founding in 2016 to today with health professionals in over 30 countries making telehealth accessible to more than 10 million people. Under his leadership Abi has focused on increasing telehealth utilisation, service innovation and significant customer growth. Prior to founding Abi, Kim had more than 15 years leadership experience in high-growth tech firms in Europe, USA and Asia. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Boston University.

Abi Global Health Leadership, Dr. Victor Vicens, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Victor Vicens

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer


As our Chief Medical Officer, Victor ensures the quality and breadth of the Abi healthcare professional network is world-class in all our local markets. Victor co-founded Abi based on insights gained from over 18 years of healthcare and digital transformation experience. His background includes practising roles as a resident physician & consultant psychiatrist. He is a veteran of previous medtech startups and has advised insurance and pharmaceutical companies on remote medicine and digital transformation. He holds medical degrees at undergraduate and masters levels, a Ph.D in neuroimaging, along with several publications in the field of psychosis and neuroimaging, and was a research fellow at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYU.

Zoe-Puckering_leadership team

Zoe Puckering

Client Success Director


Zoe is responsible for Client Success globally. With a diverse B2B background, she has held various roles within the Telemedicine and Mental Health industry. Zoe brings expertise in project and change management, enabling her to effectively address client needs and facilitate successful implementations. As a representative of the client within our organisation, Zoe plays a crucial role in ensuring client satisfaction and success.

Abi Global Health Leadership, Joan Escalante Esteve, Chief Technical Officer

Joan Escalante Esteve

Chief Technical Officer


Joan is at the helm of our technical engineering resources and he brings over 16 years’ experience to drive Abi’s mission to make healthcare more accessible through technology. Joan’s career includes healthcare, motor and geological industry experience and a focus on combining algorithmic expertise and technology to optimise performance. He holds master’s degrees in both Financial Mathematics and Algebraic Topology and his research has been published in various academic journals.

Abi Global Health Leadership, Martín Tripiana, AI Lab Director

Martín Tripiana

AI Lab Director


Martín is responsible for the application of Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning across the full range of Abi healthcare services. Before joining Abi Martín held various data scientist roles including post-Doctoral research fellow at the CERN Institute where he led research groups in big data processing, simulation, regression modelling and the study of Machine Learning algorithms. On several occasions Martín has been shortlisted as one of the most cited scientists globally. He holds a PhD in High Energy Physics and an M.Sc. Physics from the Universidad Nacional de la Plata
and several qualifications in deep learning, neural networks,
and machine learning.

Abi Global Health Leadership, Giorgia Testoni, Care Quality Director.

Giorgia Testoni

Care Quality Director


Giorgia is responsible for ensuring the high quality of our healthcare services and brings a career-long passion for solving the challenges faced by patients. She has an impressive background in medical research and innovation at organisations including Novartis, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona and Enantia. Her many qualifications include a degree in Medical Biotechnology (Università degli Studi di Ferrara), master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology (Università di Bologna), masters in Biotechnology (University of California Davis) and a PhD in Biomedicine
(University of Barcelona).

Dave-Kearney_leadership team

Dave Kearney

Director of Product

Dave is responsible for product design and user experience at Abi Global Health and brings over 20 years' experience working in web, mobile, and telecoms startups. He is deeply fascinated by all areas of startup culture, including UX design, process design, and developing high performance cultures. Dave has an honors degree in Computer Science, Linguistics, and French from Trinity College Dublin.


Paddy Quinn

Head of Finance

As our Head of Finance, Paddy is responsible for ensuring the health and stability of the company's finances globally. With extensive experience in managing the finance functions of rapidly growing companies, Paddy plays a vital role in Abi's financial management. Prior to joining Abi, Paddy held senior finance positions within the insurance and legal sectors, and founded a leading accountancy practice in Dublin. Paddy is a Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Leadership team_James

James Hart

Vice President, Insurance & Alliances

James has extensive experience creating Virtual Care solutions for Healthcare Providers globally, leading solution-focussed deployments of services to Insurers and Strategic Partners, enabling them to realize the potential of virtual services within their ecosystem. Leveraging his 20+ years experience in commercial roles and hugely successful launches of these services, James is driving significant growth at Abi, leading the Insurance and Strategic Alliances business unit to provide next-gen Virtual Care solutions to partners.

Leadership team _Thomas_Kerscher

Thomas Kerscher

Vice President, Global Business Development Life-Sciences

Thomas is committed to expanding Abi's life sciences business development efforts. He holds a Master's degree and a Doctor of Chemistry & Pharmacy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and has extensive commercial experience from 25 years in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry. Thomas’s strategic vision and expertise drive our mission to open new horizons in patient support for the Life Science industry.

Leadership team_Neha_Reddy

Neha Reddy

Head of Marketing

Neha leads Abi’s global marketing efforts and ensures our communication is effective and aligned with client strategies. She has 10 years of marketing experience in agencies and in-house at high growth companies across a variety of sectors including technology, finance, and professional services. She holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a BA from the George Washington University with a focus on marketing and international business. Her expertise and vision ensure our brand resonates globally, driving engagement and growth.

Ledaership team_Yu Hee_Kim

Yu Hee Kim

Talent Director

Yu Hee is dedicated to sourcing and nurturing talent to drive the success of Abi. With a career long commitment to talent management and development, she has an impressive background in human resources and talent acquisition. Yu Hee’s expertise ensures that Abi is equipped with the skills and tools to excel. Her goal is to support Abi in driving team growth and talent retention so that the company enhances its capabilities in its mission to make healthcare more accessible to everyone.

Resources & knowledge

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Come build the next generation of virtual care with us

Our Mission

Our mission

At Abi we are united by our mission to make professional healthcare as easy to access as advice from a friend.

Our technology

Our technology

We come to work every day to apply the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to empower our network of healthcare professionals across 6 continents.

Our people

Our people

Join our diverse team of talented technologists, healthcare specialists and innovators working together to connect users with a range of healthcare services through their preferred channels.

Strength in numbers






Healthcare professionals


Users covered

Scaling at speed

Scaling at speed

We’ve grown quickly from our start-up roots to a global reach across 6 continents.

Latest technology

Latest technology

At Abi you’ll get to work with the latest AI tools and technology.

Brightest minds

Brightest minds

Our team includes some of the worlds most cited researchers and experienced tech entrepreneurs.