1) What information will I have about the user?

2) How can I know my rating?

A performance report is sent periodically to each doctor. The report includes Abi Global rating, an overall rating of all collaborating doctors, and personal and confidential information as the number of answered questions in the last month and the average rating. Together with the monthly report we also include News about Abi, new country launches, statistics and tips to improve your Abi experience.
In case you are interested in specific information about Abi feel free to get in touch with us.

3) How does the rating affect my status in Abi? How can I improve my rating?

The average rating has an impact on the notifications and questions you will receive. 
The higher the rating, the more questions to be addressed. A rating of 4.5 is considered optimum. If your rating is decreasing you will receive useful tips based on user satisfaction and you can check other advice in the Training and Tips sections. If your rating remains low despite some tips you will notice a decreasing/absent number of incoming questions. If you are interested in improving and receiving more questions feel free to contact us.

4) How is payment placed?

When you see an available question, the payment for your answer is displayed. After a first answer, the user might ask a new question. The total payment (for the first + the second answer) is displayed again. If the user asks another question, there is no additional payment for the second follow-up question between the same user and the same doctor. You have the right not to answer follow-up questions, in that case, another doctor will do so (and will be paid as if it was the first question for Them).
Payment is processed monthly to your PayPal or Bank account, but you can request payments whenever you want to.

5) How am I protected by responsibility terms?

As stated in the terms of use for physicians, our service does not imply a doctor-patient relationship, since the patient is anonymous and the consultation is asynchronous. In addition, the patient is informed and the terms and conditions of the service include that Abi is an information service that does not replace an in-person visit with a doctor. Moreover, we hold insurance that covers any liability arising from the service (including negligence) and we request our collaborating doctors to hold professional liability insurance. For more details please read the Contributing Doctor Agreement.


6) Will I receive questions only based on my medical speciality?

Abi is based on Artificial Intelligence and can identify the topic of the incoming questions, based on medical specialities and keywords. The first to be notified will be physicians holding a speciality matching the question and with a higher rating. 
Be aware that if no specialists are claiming the question, other doctors will be notified.

7) Can I answer questions from other countries?

Our notification model prioritizes doctors from the same country as the user with the same language. There might be some exceptions in which by legal agreements, physicians can be notified of questions from other countries always matching the language between physician and user. Every answer must be provided respecting the same language of the question.

8) The users are reporting technical issues, what should I say?

In case the text you receive from a user reports a technical issue, we invite you to guide the user to contact Abi Help Desk at the email address info@abi.ai and thank the inquirer for his/her understanding.

9) Sometimes I detect problems with the picture upload

Users have the possibilities to send the pictures together with their questions.
Abi is now able to identify when a user has some doubts on how to upload a picture, and it sends instructions, reminding also that PDF format is unsupported.

In case you run into issues related to picture upload, feel free to give the user the following suggestions or to write to the Abi Help Desk at info@abi.ai.

  • To send an image the users can simply upload the image as an attachment within the written message (PDF format is not supported).
  • Once they have sent a question, they cannot add any additional images or text.
  • From the majority of the messaging apps, they can simply use the clip symbol to upload the picture. If they are using SMS is not possible to send a picture.
  • Abi will confirm with the user that the image has been received and it will ask to confirm.

10) What can I do if I don’t receive anymore the notifications of new questions?

We invite you to check the general settings of the app in 2 places on your phone:

1) Open the app → Settings → Notifications: ON

2) Open Telegram → Menu → Settings → Notifications and sounds →
Notification for chats: Channels: ON

b) In-app notifications: In-App sounds: ON

3) Open the phone settings → App/Applications → AbiPro App → Notifications → Allow/Enable notifications. 

If the issues persist, please let us know and we will assist you asap.

11) A colleague of mine is interested in joining Abi

We are always looking to improve and enhance our network of doctors. Feel free to share the contact medical@abi.ai or to sign up on the page https://abiglobalhealth.com/join-abi/. We will contact your colleague, and if the profile matches our criteria we will send more details and instructions.