Training and Tips

Training Steps:

By opening the AbiPro app you will see directly the available question.

You can choose every time whether to answer or not. 

  • To ANSWER: claim the question by tapping the green button
  • To SKIP: discard the question by pressing the X button (bottom left) or swipe left

Once you claim the case, you have up to 15 minutes to answer the question. You will be asked to confirm before sending it and you can edit your text.

Once your answer is delivered you will be automatically brought back to the main page.

 The first time you access the application, you will receive a couple of test questions. These will provide some practice with the system (they could be in English). These questions will also be paid.


Based on our experience with user satisfaction reviews, cases analysis, and artificial intelligence modelling, we have defined some relevant factors that can help to meet  user expectations as well as to improve your experience using Abi:

  • Generate trust by including in your answer a brief introduction (e.g Thanks for your question) and a closing sentence (e.g. I hope you get better soon)
  • Our service does not allow for the provision of diagnosis or prescribe treatments. In case it is inquired, please give instructions or alternatives.
  • Patients are really satisfied when Abi’s doctors provide them with a complete explanation and an alternative before sending them directly to the clinic. They are usually clients of insurance companies and are often looking for medical advice in order to avoid going to the clinic.  E.g.: “To relieve the pain you can take paracetamol for 3 days if you are not allergic. In case it persists I recommend you to go to the clinic. The doctor will...”

This is how a good answer can be structured:

  • If a face-to-face visit is recommended it is advisable to explain why it is not possible to solve the case by text and what a doctor in person can do.
  • Reassure the users
  • Define timing: how long can they wait before going to the doctor?
  • Provide some options while they wait to see a doctor (Eg: pain relief options or new symptoms to look for)

This is a good example:

“Hi, thanks for your question. Irregular bleeding in between periods can sometimes happen. If this is a recurrent problem then I would suggest seeing your doctor with a view to getting a speculum examination done and perhaps some blood tests. If this is the first time, I wouldn’t worry and wait until the next cycle to see if this occurs again. Regards”

To answer quickly, you can use the voice dictation tool on your keyboard and review the answer before sending.

Thanks for taking these suggestions into consideration.