The Future of Telemedicine

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Give your customers the most accessible telemedicine solution. Learn more about how we’re partnering with leading insurers, pharma and digital health providers.

We’re ready to help you achieve key outcomes

Our innovative combination of real doctors, artificial intelligence and machine learning removes the barriers to telehealth.


For virtual health consultations, increasing positive customer engagement and reducing cost to claims, Abi has insurance carriers covered. Our integrated AI & Doctor enabled texting solution allows insurance carriers to deliver a seamless and modern communication experience that today’s insureds expect.


We can help you get closer to your customers, bringing them instant access to local physicians, prescriptions and speciality therapeutics advice in a truly effortless way. Talk to us about how we can create a speciality physician network for your brand.

Digital health providers

Our range of telemedicine solutions will enhance your platform’s proposition and increase customer engagement. Talk to us about how our proprietary deep technology combines the power of AI, machine learning and real doctors.

Let’s take a look at some numbers


Activation rate

Up to 80% activation rates thanks to our unique one-click onboarding


Additonal costs avoided

76% of consultations help avoid additional medical costs

More engagement

Up to x20 more engagement than traditional app-based telehealth

Trusted partner with industry leaders

Your customers expect a local solution

Exceptional care requires an exceptional medical network wherever your customers are.

Supported languages


Doctors & Nurses

Local doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals

We have created the most extensive global network of multi-speciality health care professionals. Our doctors deliver a world-class virtual care experience, locally. With our range of solutions and interfaces you can choose the right configuration to meet your customers’ needs.

Our services

With a choice of services and interfaces, our telehealth platform makes configuring your virtual care offering easy.

Micro Consultations

Video Consultations

Voice Consultations

Medication Prescriptions

Mental Health Review

Our technology sets us apart

Deep technology

Our AI Lab leads the market in applying a range of NLP and NLU models to deliver fast, frictionless user experiences for your customers as they engage with our healthcare professionals.


Our Machine Learning engineers have created innovative image classification, adaptive learning algorithms and predictive modelling using a human-in-the-loop validation approach.

Scalable & agile

Our scalable platform and standardised API will facilitate your telehealth service launch in weeks not months. We provide all the infrastructure options you need to deliver accessible virtual care choices direct to your customers.

Revolutionising healthcare by empowering doctors with artificial intelligence

Contact us to discover how Abi Global Health is removing the barriers to telehealth utilisation.